1. Alternate assignment – Go tohttp://www.socialpsychology.org/expts.htm (if this does not work go to http://www.socialpsychology.org/ ) and select online psychological studies from the left hand side

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1. Alternate assignment – Go tohttp://www.socialpsychology.org/expts.htm (if this does not work go to http://www.socialpsychology.org/ ) and select online psychological studies from the left hand side of the page.    Select three (3) studies

Immediately after participating, write up a summary of your experience as a research participant include the following information:

Title of the study? Why did you select this particular study? What did you do in this study (procedures and methods)? What do you think were the hypotheses (this may not be stated, just what you thought it was and why)? How did you feel participating in this study? Did you like it?  Did it keep your interest? Too long? Too short? Any other comments or questions you might have had during the experience

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Each write up should be about a page (double spaced).  Make sure you do this for three studies.


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