1.Case Study You have learned about child cognitive development and language development. Use the information in these two chapters to complete this task. This task intends to make you aware of ch

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1.Case Study

You have learned about child cognitive development and language development.  Use the information in these two chapters to complete this task.  This task intends to make you aware of child development or adult cognitive and physical decline. For child development, you need to observe the child or use your personal experience to report on the changes in the child physical, cognitive, social, emotional, moral and language development.  You must write your report to describe the changes that happen to the child as a result of development.  In addition, you need to present your report to our class using technology.  To complete this task, you must do the following:

Identify the child, his / her age, and gender.

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Observe the child and take observation notes.

Organize your observation by topics such as physical development, cognitive development and language development.

Write your observation in a report using APA tradition with an introduction, description of your case study, aspects of development and your observation, and a conclusion.

Make sure to include a complete citation of any literature you used and have a list of references.

1.Case Study You have learned about child cognitive development and language development. Use the information in these two chapters to complete this task. This task intends to make you aware of ch
An educational evaluation was conducted to assess Khaleefa’s current academic achievement. Age – 4 years and 3 months. Behavioral and Classroom Observation: Khaleefa is a grade 11 student referred to be given special educational assistance due to his auditory problem. In spite of this, he was able to reciprocate greetings. As observation with different settings, he appeared well behave seated in front near to his teacher. However, he felt shy to initiate conversation to his peers. Although, was able to raise his hands to participate, listens to instruction and able to stay on task. The teacher uses modulated voice for him to hear and encourage him to participate in the discussion. For instance, during assessment he responds well to directions and focus on the given task. However, showed difficulties in reading, basic mathematical operation and answering comprehensive questions. On the other hand, Khaleefa showed interest and enthusiasm to learn. Assessments: Pre-assessment ( Phase -2 Assessment, Number, Color and Shapes ) The assessment was given to measure the student’s ability to read, write and Mathematical skills which helps to estimate the progress the student. SPECIFIC AREAS Literacy Mathematics Khaleefa can write his name(only) can copy/write words Difficulties Unable to recognize and sound off some letters Struggle in reading CVC, blending and segmenting words Unable to read diphthong -oy and consonant clusters Struggle in reading long and short vowel sounds Unable to identify concepts (thick/thin, slow/fast, less/more) Khaleefa can write numbers He can perform simple Addition Can count by rote 1- 20 with minimal verbal cues can identify the basic colors Difficulties: unable to identify shapes Unable to perform simple subtraction Struggle in identifying Mathematical operation Kindergarten Language Screening Test – Second Edition (KLST – 2) This individually administered screening test helps you identify children who need further diagnostic testing to determine  expressive and receptive language competence. Test Item Raw Score Percentile Stanine Descriptive Term Item 1-6 5% Below average Item 7 -14 Item 16-18 The test showed that Khaleefa had difficulties in providing basic self-information, such as his name and age, following 2 to 3-steps command, identifying parts of the body, telling the differences between two objects, sequencing events, imitating sentences and describing the given pictures. Which signifies lack of decode and language skills. Test Results: Khaleefa took a diagnostic test that lasted for 2 days for 35 to 40 minutes each. The assessment covered different skills and the result showed that Khaleefa lacks Conclusion: Khaleefa needs further assistance with regards to academic achievement in phonological awareness, reading comprehension, language skills and basic math operation. Recommendations: To address Academic concern: Peer group class Modified activity / worksheets will be given Provision of reading phonetics, CVC, Blending and Segmenting Words Provision of Basic Mathematical Operation (addition and subtraction) Using visual cues/photographs and concrete objects to easily understand the given concepts Give 2 to 3 items for assignment Provide learning aid tools such as manipulatives and number graph in counting Involve in group or peer learning activity to improve social development To address the Behavioral/Speech and language Skills: Continue provide shadow teacher to guide him Positive Reinforcement / Award System Daily Routine Schedule in class 5 minutes break in every after activity Visual perception activity to enhance memory Hands-on activity for integration of fine motor and gross motor skills Given longer time in activity to finish the activity Provide social praises for his effort Sing simple songs and recite nursery rhymes to show rhythm and pattern of speech


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