1. First review the material on problem solving in the text. Next, go to https://opentext.wsu.edu/psych105/chapter/7-4-problem-solving/ and read about problem solving. Third, go to http://www.grey

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1. First review the material on problem solving in the text. Next, go to  https://opentext.wsu.edu/psych105/chapter/7-4-problem-solving/ and read about problem solving. Third, go to  http://www.greylabyrinth.com/puzzle/puzzle151 and try to solve this problem.Post your solution here (Please do NOT check the solution first). Tell us how you tried to solve the problem, and what method might have been more successful. Be sure to refer back to the information in the textbook.

Post your solution here (Again, do not check the solution. Use your own good thinking).

REMEMBER: The methodology is more important than the solution.

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*Use depth of explanation. Please write clearly and logically. Be sure to cite your sources. Cite/write/type them in APA style at the end of your work.


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