10.Write 2pages proposal and 15page report paper.

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Write 2pages proposal and 15page report paper. Please note I need you to give me the proposal firstly within 48hours, and you have about 6days to finish the report paper which is 15page. Please read the requirements below carefully.Thank you!!

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: Two people can work together for one paper. You will write a short guide book or a reference on a topic related to one of the areas shown below. It is also acceptable if the paper is written in the encyclopedia or wikipedia article style. Slight modifications of the given topics are allowed. If you have another specific topic you want, you need to get an approval for the topic from the instructor at least 2 weeks before the proposal deadline. If the report is very good, you will have a chance to give a presentation in class for extra credits. Proposal: You should submit a one-page proposal giving the list of things you will cover in the topic of your choice from the list below. Please find the attached example of the proposal style. It should look like the table of contents of textbooks. Final report: The proposal will be the cover page of the final report. Put section titles in each section following the proposal. Max 15 pages (or 30 pages max if it is a co-work) including tables and figures. The paper is evaluated by the usefulness of the topic to your classmates and the depth of the material. • History of large insurance companies. • Personal taxation (history and current issues). • Financial system, roles of financial markets and institutions such as FRB, OCC, FDIC, etc. • Financial crisis.
• Libor scandal, tax haven, money laudering, and other issues in the modern financial system. • Biography of an important person in the financial history of US. • Steps on buying a new home. • Secondary mortgage market or Mortgage 101. • How to estimate the value of life? • Book review of “The Signal and the Noise: Why Most Predictions Fail – But Some Don’t” by Nate Silver (check also NY Times FiveThirtyEight Blog).


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