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A paper about 1 current issue using 10 different articles and their findings.

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In this assignment, you will state your topic of interest and write a mini-literature review based on at least ten recent articles (no older than 10 years).

Once you have summarized your literature, discuss the concepts of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinarity, including why interdisciplinarity is considered important in the social sciences. Using your articles as examples, discuss how your topic has been examined by individual social science disciplines and how an interdisciplinary perspective enhances our understanding.

Other requirements:

  • Your paper should be written using your best formal writing skills. Avoid contractions, slang, and jargon. Check your work for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammatical errors. If you need help with your writing skills, contact UMUC’s Effective Writing Center for assistance.
  • Format:
    • If you refer to information that you found from another source, be sure to include citations and a reference list in keeping with APA format (6th). For assistance with APA format, visit UMUC’s APA Tutorial here: http://sites.umuc.edu/library/libhow/apa_tutorial….
    • Minimum 1500 words
    • Cover page with a title, your name, course and section number, date
    • 1″ margins
    • Page numbers – top of the page, flush right

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