2 small assignments due by morning

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a timeline that displays the development of abnormal psychology. Include at least five to seven main milestones.

And complete worksheet

2 small assignments due by morning
Week One Assignment Worksheet PSY/410 Version 5 University of Phoenix Material Week One Assignment Worksheet Matching Match the definitions to the correct theoretical model. _____ Experiences as a child affect life. Child is influenced by caretaker but also has a part in development. _____ 2–3 years of age and the body wants to retain and eliminate. _____ When a stimulus elicits a specific response _____ 6–12 years of age; skills and activities are the focus, rather than sexual exploration. _____ Overall, people are good. Humans strive for health and wellbeing. Persons develop a sense of self and create a value system based on experiences, with the goal of self-actualizing. _____ This is the part of the personality that mediates desires and the reality of the operational world. _____ People are unique, values are important, and overall the goal is to find fulfillment. Individual experiences assist with confronting and understanding the negative world. _____ This develops in time and becomes the moral compass of the personality. _____ When learning is completed through observation alone; reinforcement or conditioning are absent. _____ Thoughts are called schema, which is the knowledge that guides processing. This processing then leads the person to behave based on the thinking processes. _____ Focus is on the mouth, and sensation is achieved by sucking. _____ Information processing at a basic level and mental processing, which includes thinking, planning, and making decisions _____ Includes two driving forces of life and death; life is sexual in nature and includes libido, and death includes aggression and destructive actions. Pleasure is derived here. _____ The person has a goal and, with reinforcement, the behavior is repeated or withdrawn. _____ Self-touch and exploration causes pleasure. _____ When there is a predisposition for developing a disorder and stress is present in these persons with the predisposition _____ Sexual relations become the focus for pleasure. Diathesis-stress models Psychoanalytic theory personality – Id Psychoanalytic theory personality – Ego Psychoanalytic theory personality – Superego Psychoanalytic theory stages – Oral Psychoanalytic theory stages – Anal Psychoanalytic theory stages – Phallic Psychoanalytic theory stages – Latency Psychoanalytic theory stages – Genital Attachment theory Behavior classical conditioning Behavior operant conditioning Behavior observational learning Existential perspective Humanistic perspective Cognitive behavioral perspective Cognitive theory Essay In 150 to 200 words, describe the goals of clinical assessment and diagnosis. Explain how these goals affect treatment. Copyright © 2013 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

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