300 word response answering question on victorian age

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Choose A or B for your initial post and then respond to at least one other classmate for the other option.

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Initial post 300 words.

A. Alfred, Lord Tennyson — “Ulysses” and the “Lotus Eaters”

Read: Masculinities in an Industrializing Society: Britain, 1800-1914

Victorian masculinity. Tennyson’s male protagonists often seem conflicted about their role and purpose in society.

Discuss the concept of Victorian masculinity as depicted in “The Lotus Eaters” and “Ulysses”. Compare Ulysses avowal that he “cannot rest from travel” to the enervation depicted in “The Lotus Eaters”. Also note that Ulysses keeps referring to his advanced age and to approaching death.

B. Matthew Arnold – “Dover Beach”

Fully discuss one of the following themes in “Dover Beach” — 1. The modern world is without faith and stability; 2. the illusion that all is false; 3. human relationships may or may not be a defense against the uncertainty of modern life; 4. the present can only be understood in relation to the past. Remember to ground your response in Victorian England, not 2017 America.


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