8-1 Small GROUP Discussion-Final Project Preparation/Workspace

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  Peer reply #1Dan Flores posted Mar 22, 2023 9:06 PMto Group CSubscribeHello Group,If I were creating a data gathering tool that could be used to determine if their expatriate process is working well I would start by creating a checklist of questions. These questions can be used as an intake process to determine expatriate candidates amongst other uses, like, determining if their process is working well.. Below are some questions I think should be used as a checklist.What is your current position?Do you speak any other languages? if so, can read and write the language?Have you ever worked or been assigned to an overseas assignment?, and if so when and where?If answered yes to question #3, What was your first six months on the assignment like?If you did work in another country, how were the first few months like being in a different country?Would you consider working overseas?Was their someone assigned to help you adjust to the culture changes?Are you married?Do you have children, and if so are they of school age?These are just a few questions I would ask. I would also say that if I were just creating a data tool to determine what would create a succesful expatriate program the following questions need to be answered.How often will will a pay package be updated for expatriates?How is pay going to be delivered? Split pay seems to be best as it can avoid or minimize potential volatile monetary situations.Compensation data, because it is not smart to have a one size fits all compensation package.Rental/housing data. This is necessary if the company is paying the rent for the expatriate. It will allow the company to have the most recent rental data avaialble within the country of origin.ReferencesWhen Auditing an Expatriate Program, Focus on Key Points, Nurney, Steven P., 2010https://cdn.ymaws.com/www.shrm-morrisnj.org/resource/resmgr/imported/When%20Auditing%20an%20Expatriate%20Program%20Focus%20on.pdfPeer #2Azemina Hadzikic posted Mar 23, 2023 9:22 PMto Group CSubscribeAll answers for this survey would be confidential and employees would be allowed to decline answering any questions they are not comfortable with. Employees will know that this survey is being used to identify and recruit employees who have the skills required to work in another country. Do you speak a foreign language?If so, how fluent are you?Can you read, write and speak in this language?Would you ever consider being relocated across seas?Are there any locations you would not consider going to?How often would you expect to be able to travel back to your homeland?Are you willing to participate in training regarding the culture in the place you will be relocated to?Do you have a spouse/children that must relocate with you?How often would you say you are exposed to other cultures?Would you be able to relocate long-term or short-term?If able, please share the expected stay period.What can your organization do to make this change easier on you?What education do you need before relocating?If you’ve done overseas assignments before, can you tell me about any wins or challenges you faced?ReferencesWhen Auditing an Expatriate Program, Focus on Key Points, Nurney, Steven P., 2010 https://cdn.ymaws.com/www.shrm-morrisnj.org/resource/resmgr/imported/When%20Auditing%20an%20Expatriate%20Program%20Focus%20on.pdf

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