a Case Study Analysis from Chapter 1

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You will be performing a Case Study Analysis from Chapter 1 of your readings, located at the end of the chapter. Your case study will require at least TWO additional references beyond the textbook. Wikipedia (and similar sites) is NOT an acceptable reference. Your analysis should utilize APA (6th edition) formatting. Your case analysis must be 3-5 pages (not including the cover and reference pages).

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Case Analysis Requirements:

1. Background of the situation, including organizational factors and the external environment

2. What are the key changes to brick-and-mortar stores that the article suggests will happen in the future?

3. Which factors have caused the changes? Explain.

4. Research and find at least two additional retailers that support or argue against the position of the Case Study using the APUS online library. You may use one retailer that supports the argument and one retailer that proves the article inaccurate. Or you can find both for or both against. But you must research at minimum 2 additional retailers!

5. Assess the importance of retail strategy formulation and strategic perspectives of retail management on the impact of re-evaluating the retail store in the global economy.

6. List all possible problems and concerns, being sure to look at causes of the problem area and not symptoms.

7. Use proper writing format: Cover Page, Introduction, Body Paragraphs, Conclusion, and Reference Page.

8. No FIRST PERSON allowed

Submission Instructions: Attach your paper as a Word document. All others will receive a zero.


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