A sum of money is available for investment in the facility

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You are an associate director in a 300-bed hospital located in an
urban area. For the purposes of your presentation, the location will be
the closest city to your current residence (Chicago). A sum of money is
available for investment in the facility. You have been tasked by the
hospital CEO to present a possible investment scenario in which you
clinically integrate your electronic health records (EHRs). Your primary
sources of data and information may or may not be reliable. Please see
the Finance, Risk, and CostPreview the document document for the data needed to create your presentation.

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This discussion must include the following information:

  • A basic design of the projected service/project (i.e., the option you are promoting)
  • An
    analysis of the role of public policy in terms of your provision of
    health care services and provide justification of your choice
  • An explanation of the relevance of the current financial data in terms of the projected outcome of the project
  • A compare and contrast discussion of the economic challenges and incentives related to your projec

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