advanced marketing unit5 case study

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Case studies are an important learning strategy in business classes as they provide an opportunity for you to critically
analyze events that have taken place in real-life businesses. This develops your critical thinking and research skills as you
research the competition and industry in which your business resides with an end goal of formulating a recommendation for
the challenges faced by the company. Evaluate the case ,
and respond to each of the questions below using both theory and practical managerial thinking as well as supporting
Option 1: Proctor & Gamble (pp. 332–333)(attached below)

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1. Using segmentation strategies, what are the target market(s) for P&G? How does this relate to the company’s brand
management strategies?
2. Who are the top three competitors of P&G, and what are their advantages/disadvantages with respect to their
competitive product/service strategies?
3. P&G’s impressive portfolio includes some of the strongest brand names in the world. What are some of the
challenges associated with being the market leader in so many different categories?
4. With social media becoming increasingly important and with fewer people watching traditional commercials on
television, what does P&G need to do to maintain its strong brand images?
5. What risks will P&G face in the future?

In formatting your case analysis, do not use the question-and-answer format; instead, use an essay format with
subheadings. Your APA-formatted case study should be a minimum of 500 words in length (not counting the title and
reference pages). You are required to use a minimum of three peer-reviewed, academic sources that are no more than 5
years old (one may be your textbook). All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased material
must have accompanying in-text citations.

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