Alcohol in U.S. Society Discussion and responses

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I need an original post that is at least 200 words responding to Part A. Then I need two student responses to post, at least 100 words, that can be found in Part B. Please respond to student response like you are talking to them directly. Do not say “ I agree with this student….this student’s use of …..etc…” Side note: my family drinks very casually.

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Upon completion of the Week 3 readings:

Look at the details of the Alcohol Use Continuum and compare and contrast it with the ICD 10 and DSM-IV diagnostic criteria .

Discuss your experiences of this model in reference to self, family, friends, classmates etc. How does this knowledge compare to your own observations or experiences?

How is this general knowledge of the Alcohol Use Continuum different from the DSM-IV and ICD-10 professional diagnostic criteria?



So as it pertains to the Continuum of Alcohol use and drinking levels defined a person who drinks alcohol may be identified as moderate, binge, or a heavy alcohol user. When we delve into ICD 10 we are leading towards disorders from uncomplicated intoxication and harmful use to dementia and other issues identified. One identified within ICD 10 is Acute intoxication, which talks about people having underlying internal or organic conditions where as the alcohol added to the equation causes a small does of alcohol produce a drastic intoxicating effect.

When we are talking about DSM-IV we are talking about alcohol abuse and dependance. It has been identified that the difference in alcohol abuse vs alcohol dependance under DSM-IV. In alcohol abuse you can do something unsafely while drinking as having unsafe sex, driving under the influence of alcohol and a few more and which is identified as Alcohol Abuse. On the other hand to be Alcohol Dependent you need to cover 3 categories of the listed categories to be labeled Alcohol Dependent. To name a few but this list is not the be all, Three consecutive things to be seen as Alcohol Dependent are unable to cut back or stop drinking, giving up activities that you like to drink and drinking longer then you had intended.

The general knowledge of the Alcohol Use Continuum in comparison to DSM-IV and ICD-10 is that he Alcohol Use continuum is more or less like a BMI it is generalized and can be used in many instances to Gage alcohol use and its categories. the DSM-IV and ICD-10 we are identifying issues and categorizing and indexing them. Both are indifferent in their way to express levels and categories of effects of alcohol.

As it pertains to me and family. My family doesnt drink so theirs no need to equate them to this. Myself I drink on occasion socially so I will not drink more than 5 or more so that should take me out of the Continuum as as heavy alcohol user. I dont even know if I have made it to 0.08 in that this is identified in drinking 5 or more drinks for men in 2 hours, I would assume not.

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The continuum of alcohol use and drinking is a comparison of consumption based on a person consumption at any given time. Any individual consumption can be identified as moderate Bench or a heavy alcohol user. Whereas the ICD 10 evaluate disorders pertaining to intoxication and other to say it is much as dementia and Alzheimers. A disorder discussed in the ICD 10 is acute intoxication which refers to an underlying Internal or organic condition where the kids are sick of alcohol is magnified due to these pre-existing condition.

When evaluating continuance of alcohol use and do the DSM- IV we are the firm to alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence. Under the DSM -IV Alcohol do you an individual will do something I’d say such as driving while intoxicated or having unprotected sex. These are not the only one unsafe activities a person that is intoxicated may engage in. And when referring to alcohol dependence a person would need to have or experience three of the issues to be considered alcohol dependence such as unable to cut back or completely illuminate drinking, preferring to drink over participate in activities a person may love and or need to consume more alcohol to receive the same level of intoxication as before. The differences between alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence are the person able to function, the amount of frequencies see a person needs to drink.

When comparing these criteria to my family and I it’s clear that based on their criteria years my family would not be considered on the consumption. My family and I are not drinkers, therefore, could not be considered under the DSM-IV5.

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