American Military

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  1. Question 1 Summarize the British victories from 1758 to 1760 that gave victory to Great Britain over the French in North America. In your answer, be sure to address the following questions: What major military figures were involved in these conflicts? What strategies were used by the colonial army, and what impact did this victory have on the American colonies? Your response must be a minimum of 500 words. Question 2 Select and respond to one of the following questions: Why were the colonials successful in King Phillip’s War? Briefly summarize the conflict, and explain the combat strategy the colonials used. In your answer, be sure to identify the major figures and events related to the subject. OR Briefly summarize Bacon’s Rebellion, and identify the major figures involved in this conflict. What impact did Bacon’s Rebellion have on European/Native American relations in Virginia? OR Discuss British/colonial operations against New France during Queen Anne’s War. Elaborate on how both parties, Britain and the colonials, viewed the fate of Walker’s expedition. Your response must be a minimum of 500 words

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