Analyzing Argument

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In this discussion, you will analyze argumentative techniques in published articles from The Prentice Hall Essential Guide for College Writers. Your focus in the discussion should be on the articles, especially the strategies that the writers use.

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  • Thoroughly read and take notes on the following articles from this week’s assigned reading in The Prentice Hall Essential Guide for College Writers:
    • Neil L. Waters’s essay, “Why You Can’t Cite Wikipedia in My Class,” starting on page 325.
    • Mark A. Wilson’s, “Professors Should Embrace Wikipedia,” starting on page 328.
  • These authors present differing views on the validity of using Wikipedia in an academic environment. Explain the issues they agree and disagree about, giving examples. How effective do you find the arguments of each writer? Which essay do you find more convincing? Why?
  • Your post should focus on the writing strategies found in the articles, not on personal opinions about the topic or personal experiences with the topic of the articles.

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