Answer the following 2 questions each with a paragraph of 8 or more sentences then I will send 2 post to get a reply on

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initial forum question: Why is ethical communication important? Please give an example of a company that could have practiced better ethical practices.

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initial forum question: How are blogs, wikis, and other Web 2.0 technologies changing the practice of business communication? Please give examples.

Reply #1 on this post: Ethical communication is important because it is a foundation that business employees and customers rely on. Ethical communication provides factual information wether it is good or bad, opening the lines of communication. In the past I have dealt with this directly. I have worked on projects where I was in direct communication with customers about their job of which they needed expedited. Instead of telling the customer I can make this happen, which would have made everyone happy for about two weeks until we failed to deliver on time, I explains the hardships we were up against. This honesty and open communication allowed and invested the customer into assisting  me find a solution to the situation (example: supplying a list of additional vendors with a faster outside processing time). The ethical communication built trust and in a short period of time made me the go to person for project updates.

Reply #2 on this post: Ethical Communication is important because it touches on all the points in which make the conversation fulfilling. When a person is engaged in ethical communication there must be an acceptance and understanding of what makes the conversation ethical, what one hopes to achieve through the communication (ends) and how they communicate it and the “real-world” outcomes (the consequences) of communication are particularly important features of ethical communication. I think many companies lack ethical communication either between their employees or their clientele. I think the most basic example of a company who needs to practice better ethical practices is McDonald’s. They advertise these big extremely luscious burgers when in fact they are flat and lifeless. Which is technically false advertisement which is the opposite of ethical communication.

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