answer the questions and Prepare a flow chart

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Identify a process to observe (see below examples). Describe the process as you have observed in words and answer the questions below. Prepare a flow chart. Identify what you consider an EXCELLENT process or what you consider a BAD process and then to go watch that process for 20 minutes (see below).

Process Examples

Starbucks – taking and filling orders

Ticket Booth – selling tickets

Emergency Room or Pt First – receiving, evaluating and treating patients

Bank – walk in or drive thru (filling whatever need their customer has)

Blood Lab – taking and processing samples

Doctor’s Office – receiving, evaluating and treating patients


Observation Guidelines

20 minutes

Stand in one place and minimize movement

Watch, don’t talk, don’t text, etc.

Concentrate on what is happening

How does information flow?

How does material (stuff) flow?

Why is this process good or bad?

Wax On, Wax Off – google it, if you have to…

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