Answer the questions and respond to two other students

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For our discussion this week I would like to simplify our topic and hopefully allow it to be a bit more personal for you and for the class as a whole.

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You have spent time listening to Wendy Wasserstein, looking over the history of women’s equality, and the history of women in the Theatre and Cinema.

In light of all your research and work this week, I would like you to discuss your own personal influences in your own life by a strong woman or women. Who in your life has supported you, pushed you, challenged you and kept or keep you centered and on the strait and narrow for the places, careers, hopes and dreams that you have had in the past and those hopes and dreams that you would like to pursue for the future?

Has there been a strong woman in your life that you can look to as an example for how you see the world, make choices, and live out your daily life?

What would you say is an influential lesson or lessons that they have had on your life? What and how can this influence be encouraging to others?

If you were to write a play about this woman in your life, what would the title be and what kind of play would you write? A Comedy, Drama, Tragedy, Musical? Why or why not?

I would like to talk about my mom. She is a teacher and pushed me to go outside and study abroad and have knowledge.

Please make sure you post is a minimum 150 words and that you respond to two others with a minimum of 150 words.

**Part 2: respond to two other students

First student (Toni):

I am so fortunate to be surrounded by so many powerful and motivating woman in my own life. One particular person that I have always admired for her courage, bravery, and caring heart is my grandmother. My grandmother was born in a small village in Mexico just outside of Zacatecas and is the oldest of 16 children in her family. My grandmother came to America on her own when she was 18 years old to pursue a better life. Once here she worked as a seamstress and once she was married started a small seamstress business of her own while raising five children. When I was 15 my family and I went to visit the village and the small house my grandmother grew up in. She shared with us the scarcity of food they had. It amazes me how much courage my grandmother had to have to leave Mexico at just 18 years old to pursue the American dream. And even today when dealing with medical issues and many other things she still manages to have a positive attitude every day. I love and admire my grandmother. She gives me the strength to overcome many of the relatively small problems I deal with in my daily life.

I think my grandmother’s story would make a great dramatic play. I imagine it being directed by Garth Davis the director of Lion and having a similar dramatic feel as Lion.

Second student (Dennis):

The woman in my life that supported me, pushed me and challenged me was my mother. She supported me through college even though I am taking longer than the usual four years. Because I was taking so long to graduate, when I would think of a different career my mother would push me back to right path. And even though she was supportive she challenged me financially and I had to find a way to pay the other half. Yes, my mother is the one who I look to as an example to live out my daily life. When I was younger I didn’t understand but the older I get, I now understand why my mother had a daily routine of sleeping early and waking up early. It keeps me healthy and with a daily routine I can manage to do more things. I think the influential lesson that my mother had on me was the concept of time. I always wanted to stay up late, and I thought I would be able to carry out the next day normally. But I noticed that the reason of sleeping early was for tomorrow. I think I would write a drama for my mother because she loved watching Korean drama and would cry. My dad and I would always laugh and make fun of her because she would try to hold it in. I think the title would be Don’t Cry.

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