Anthroplogy questions

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To participate in the discussions for this module, students must initiate a thread and clearly indicate in the subject line what specific question they are addressing in their posts. Two paragraphs each question.

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Question 1: What is a ritual? Why are rituals such an important component of religion?

Question 2: What rituals are performed at your school? How would you classify these rituals?

Question 3: Why are therapy and anti-therapy rituals so effective?

Question 4: At what point is a person considered an adult in U.S. culture? How do you know when you are an adult? What does it mean to be an adult? Are there clearly defined roles for adult men and women in our culture? Are there any difficulties associated with the lack of formal rites of passage?

Question 5: In addition to rituals, in what other ways does religion direct or constrain our behavior? In what ways do these influence our ability to interact with members of a different religious group?

Question 6: What is the significance of a pilgrimage? Is there anywhere in the U.S. that you are familiar with that is a site for pilgrimages? Can you think of any non-religious sites to which people make pilgrimages?

Question 7: Have you ever personally gone on a journey that you would identify as a pilgrimage? What significance did it have for you?

Question 8: Are there tabus in American society? If so, what are they? Do we have menstrual tabus

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