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my home work is about watching Captain Philips movie., and answering 6
question each question in one page. here are the question. 1)what was
the box office appeal of this movie.? 2)did the movie initially make money for
the film maker or did it need to come out on video/DVD,.. etc, before a
profile was made? 3)based on the fact that movie is taking from actual
events, can the movie be used as a marketing tool? 4)Did the film maker
take liberties with how the material was presents, or was t he topic
very matter of fact? 5) Along the same line, was the film over
romanticized, or it is such that younger folks could watch the movie and
gain at least foundation knowledge about the subject from the movie? 6)
did the filmmaker criticize/attack the subject matter of the film, or
did they express support of the subject in their creative license with
the making of the movie ?

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