Assignment 1: Interpretation and Termination

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Assignment 1: Interpretation and Termination

In this module, you learned about interpretation and termination. Usually client statements can be interpreted in a variety of ways. In this discussion, you will select two client statements and offer your interpretation. You will explain the reasoning for your interpretation and the intention, or what you hope to accomplish through the interpretation. For the second part of your discussion post you will share what you think is the most challenging part of terminating the counseling relationship with your client and how you will address that challenge.Read the client statements given below before starting the assignment.

Client Statements:

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Client A

: When I go to speak in front of a group, I totally panic. I freeze up and can’t think of anything to say. I feel like I’m going to start blithering and be incoherent. It’s crazy because I’ve been doing public speaking for a long time, but it never seems to get any better. I just don’t seem to have any confidence or think I have anything worth saying. I think I’ve always been this way. Even in grade school, I remember the kids teasing me because I blushed whenever I had to say anything in class. I don’t know why I was embarrassed then because my parents always encouraged me to speak in public. In fact, they entered me in all these contests for public speaking and coached me so that I would be good, and they really wanted me to win. So they did a lot to help me with this problem (Hill, 2009).

Client B

: I had a really bad blowup with my boyfriend. He was half an hour late coming to get me for a dinner we had arranged with another couple. I was just furious by the time he got there. It seems like he’s always late, and I feel like he is just inconsiderate of me. So I got really angry at him when he came, and it ruined the evening. He was angry at me the whole time. He pointed out that he had told me he might not get there right on time. He kind of threatened that he might leave me if I keep being so silly about such things. I ended up apologizing to him profusely because he was right that he had said he might be late. I don’t want to lose him because this is the best relationship I’ve ever had. But I don’t understand why I always feel so lousy after we’ve been together (Hill, 2009).

Client C

: I am nervous about meeting this woman tonight. I answered an ad in the personals because I really want to start dating, but I don’t know if this is such a good idea. I mean, what kind of people advertise in the personals? She might be a real wacko. I have pretty high standards for who I go out with, and I don’t want to waste time if we don’t get along. My past experiences have been pretty bad with dating. I go out and find someone I like, but then they never want to go out with me again (Hill, 2009).

Client D

: I just got back from visiting my family for Thanksgiving, and once again, I felt inadequate. My older brother was there, and he talked the whole time about how wonderful he is doing in his new position in a law firm. He entertained the family over dinner with all the cases he is working on. I just felt like I couldn’t get a word in edgewise and that nobody was interested in what I was doing. It reminds me of my whole childhood where I felt like I couldn’t compete with him because he was always the older, better brother (Hill, 2009).


In a minimum of 400 words, post to the

Discussion Area

your response to the following:

Part A

  • Review the client statements provided above and select two to interpret. Identify each statement you chose and provide the interpretation as you would share it with the client. You may wish to start with a reflection statement followed by the interpretation. In your answer, identify which two cases you selected by including the case name (e.g. Client A or Client B) preceding your interpretation.
  • Articulate the intention of your interpretation and what you hope it will facilitate with the client.

Part B

  • Articulate what you believe will be the most challenging part of terminating with your client and how you will address that challenge.

Support your rationale and analysis by using at least two resources from professional literature in your response. Professional literature may include the Argosy University online library resources, relevant textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles, and websites created by professional organizations, agencies, or institutions (websites ending in .edu or .gov).

Your discussion posts and all written assignments should reflect graduate level writing skills and appropriate use of APA style, including in-text citations and references.

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