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I need you to write me a 2-3 page opinion piece essay discussing whether American families are on the decline or not. The side I want you to support is: American Families are declining. Full instructions are on the Assignment Information and Rubric Word Documents. Paper must be done in APA format.

There are 2 articles that I will attach here and these will be the main point of reference. You will also have to bring up the other side of the argument (i.e. the other article that is against the choice). You will also have to mention 4 supporting pieces of evidence that back up the article of your choice from the book “Marriages and Families Changes, choices, and constraints” the Eighth Edition by Nijole V. Benokraitis. I will attach pdf photos of some pages you can use for evidence, just choose the most suitable ones. The photos are all combined into 1 pdf in the order of images (1) to (8) accordingly.

Here are the page numbers of the photos for citation purposes:

Photo (1) is page 430

Photo (2) is page 430

Photo (3) is page 368

Photo (4) is page 369

Photo (5) is page 271

Photo (6) is page 270

Photo (7) is page 302

Photo (8) is page 302

If you have access to the book and want to use some other pieces of information, please feel free to do so as long as it supports our side of the argument (our side is supporting the theory that American families are decline).

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