At least 5-7 page research paper

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I would like you to write me a paper. The paper has to be between 5-7 pages, noting that a page has to be a relatively filled one. I have already compiled all the articles I want you to use and I will also provide you a citations page where you can then copy the citations to the final paper and arrange them correctly in the proper order. Please note that this paper has to be in MLA format.

These are the instructions required as per my instructor:

Individual final written essays (from every student) require you to gather and analyze *at least 2 new popular/journalistic sources* and *2 new academic/scholarly sources*. You will present your ideas/analysis about a significant comparison/contrast between the vampire genre and another “undead”/horror format to the class in a manner you design.

Each student should then submit an individual 5-7 page document outlining your own personal research for this topic.

The following are some DISCUSSION POINTS and DO NOT Necessarily have to be followed, they are just for giving some ideas:

You should think about some of the following discussion points (additional points of discussion from your own interest in the material are welcome and encouraged) — these are just to get you thinking:

— How has the concept of vampirism changed through history, as reflected in literature and/or film?

— How do vampires (and/or other undead figures) continually work as a metaphor for contracted/viral or sexually transmitted diseases?

— How are male undead figures treated vs female undead figures? (Does this change with different undead forms?) How does gender play a part in these narratives?

— How have the “rules” about vampirism/other undead creatures changed?

— How has vampire behavior in changed? How are they viewed or how do they exist/co-exist in society? How does this differ with other “undead” forms or formulas?

— How are supporting characters meaningful in these narratives?

— Could the term “Blood, Lust, and the American Dream” have meaning in relation to other undead genres? Which ones, and why?”8

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