Authentic vs Artificial Leadership, (4 pages), communications homework help

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Read Painter’s (2014) article on authentic vs. artificial
leadership.  Reflect on the three components (humility, respect, and
partnership) in the self-check list for authentic leadership.  Using
this article write a three- to four-page essay that discusses your
current status in these three components and write one or two specific
goals for improvement in each.  Include the following:

  • Rate yourself on the three components.
  • Which of these is your greatest strength?
  • Which of these is your biggest area of improvement?
  • What are your short-term leadership goals within your current workplace (within the next year)?
  • What are your long-term leadership goals (one to five years from now)?
  • Specific steps and actions you will take to accomplish your
    short-term, long-term, and career goals. Be sure to include professional
    development, schooling, lifestyle changes, etc.
  • Describe how you will measure your overall success as an authentic
    leader, including actions and outcomes you will use to determine if you
    have met your goals.


2.5 pages, 2 sources, APA

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