Basic Marketing – 2 parts (200 words + 250 words), marketing homework help

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Successful customer relationships are based upon customer value, customer satisfaction, and customer retention. Choose a good or service that you feel is successful in this regard and describes how value, satisfaction, and retention are exemplified by your example.

200 words and 1 reference


For the Consulting Project, you will serve as the associate marketing consultant for McClean and Company, a global marketing consulting firm. See “McClean and Company” for explanation of your role within the organization.

Consider your duties for the company as you are completing the Consulting Project.

The project will be divided into four parts to be included in the Final Report:

Brand Selection
Brand Description
Brand Critique
Each part will be submitted in subsequent modules to receive instructor (president) feedback before submission of the Final Report in Topic 7.

Refer to “Consulting Project Grading Guide” for specific information regarding how this project will be graded.

The first part, the Brand Selection, is due by the end of Topic 1. The brand selected should be very specific. For example, Kraft Foods is too general; Kraft Mayonnaise might be an appropriate selection (if it is determined not to be a market leader). Chevrolet is too general; the Chevrolet Volt would be appropriate, again, if it is not a market leader.

Provide the instructor with the following information:

Identify a specific brand within a product category with which you are familiar. The brand’s performance will be researched and documented, and then analyzed using the guidelines specified. The brand selected should not be a market leader since the project is intended to expose deficiencies and shortcomings in the marketing of the product using a consumer behavior framework.

Before selecting and submitting the brand for approval, be sure that there is adequate information available on competition and markets. For example, a local brand may not have readily accessible information or sufficient information to satisfy the requirements of this assignment. Include a brief description of your chosen brand and indicate your reasoning for the selection. 

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected. This one can be roughly 250 words. –> About McClean and Company

Please make sure this can be completed in a timely manner or do not bid.

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