Bennie Reed: Interview – Video – Films On Demand Assignment Content • All good interviews and interactions require prep

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Bennie Reed: Interview – Video – Films On Demand Content • All good interviews and interactions require preparation. This week you learned more about how to ask interview questions. Open-ended questions give both you and your client a chance to exchange more information and leave responses open to the client’s needs and agenda. Closed questions make it difficult to learn further information, but they can be helpful if you only want very specific information. Once you ask a question, you want to actively listen to their answer. Active listening includes paraphrasing or responding back to what they said so that both parties can determine that the communication was successful. You want to be sure that you are hearing and understanding what your client is saying.• Part 1: Interview Questions Write a list of 16 to 24 questions and statements you would use when working with Bennie Reed as a client.   Part 2: Facilitation Skills Summary Write a brief 175- to 350-word summary of how you would use these questions and statements to facilitate your sessions with Bernie.   Submit your interview questions and facilitation skills summary.

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