​BUS 362 Feasibility Blueprint Assessment

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develop a comprehensive feasibility blueprint (schema) for your proposed entrepreneurial venture based on the data and information developed during the course. The objective is to determine whether the business opportunity is feasible and worthwhile. If not, describe the major constraints that led you to your decision. State the reasons for whether the decision is a go or no go. Research and substantively address the bullets below.

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In your paper,

Assess the problem or opportunity identified for your business.

Describe solutions proposed for addressing the opportunity.

Identify the design of the business model for the venture.

Determine the customer value proposition of the business.

Evaluate the revenue model to be used to manage the business.

  • Analyze the implementation strategies to be developed for launching the venture.
  • Examine considerations for assessing the value of the proposed products.
  • Summarize the overall assessment of the viability of the business venture.
  • The Feasibility Blueprint Assessment

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