BUS336 Week 5 Discussion 1 and 2 Must include plagarism check

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Advertising and Public Relations

  • Define product advertising, institutional advertising and public relations.
  • There are different types of advertisements. Describe two types of advertisements and find an example of those two you explained and post it in your discussion.
  • Use a real-world example to discuss how companies can deal with unfavorable public relations.

Discussion 2

Integrated Marketing Communications

In your own words and with the support of an article selected from AU library,

  • Define communication.
  • Briefly describe the communication process.
  • What are the four elements of the promotion mix?
  • Explain the factors that are used to determine a promotion mix for a product.


Pride, W.M. & Ferrel, O.C. (2017). Foundations of Marketing (7th.ed) [Electronic version]. Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/


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