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3-4 substantial paragraphs

(Library) Following the Middle East branch
meeting, Axetem’s management made a decision to keep this operation inactive
for at least another year to further monitor and evaluate the country’s
political and economic situation. However, Axetem is now interested in starting
a new foreign operation. Brian Tobias, the CEO of Axetem, has asked you to
research two countries within the same global region and to make a

  • What
    are some examples of external sources that you use in conducting business
    research on both countries?
  • Name
    at least four factors that will heavily influence your recommendation to
    Mr. Tobias. Explain why these factors are important.
  • Which
    country appeals the most to you? Explain and defend your reasoning.

Use the Library and other available resources to conduct your
research to complete this assignment.

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