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So I have an essay in a couple weeks. The outline is due Nov 7. the rough draft is due nov 19 and final draft is due dec 5. There are 5 prompts you may choose one. For sources their are 4 options you can choose from, i would suggest the episode thats on netflix the show is black mirror and the episode is “nosedive” the other odd but if you want to use them you may. Also besides that i need an outside scholorly resource. my professor has been sending a lot of papers to help write this paper, so i can send them to you if you need them! MLA formatting and i can give you all that information later. As well as a work cited page chronologically by authors last name. 5-8 page paper, double spaced (not to bad)focus on close reading and textual/visual analysis. conepts, artwork, dialogue, layout and key focul points for the paper. Im offering a high price for this plus tip if i get a high grade! please

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