career assessments

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4. Career Counseling Case Study Presentation (30 points)

Each student will recruit someone to participate in an individual case study.  The student will meet with the individual and conduct the following in your session.

·         Assessment introduction and administration of a minimum of three testing instruments (i.e. values card sort, skills summary worksheet, and/or interests resources –for use in your session)

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·         Debrief assessment, guide participant with gaining self-awareness and learning, and provide resources to the participant.

·         Introduce the Occupational Outlook Handbook and/or ONET to your client and research career titles and descriptions based on Holland Codes and/or Strong Interest Inventory.

·         Bringing closure to the case study by suggesting next steps and goal setting.

Students will prepare a 20 min presentation summarizing

1.      A description of the participant’s career counseling issues (5 points)

2.      Report the participant’s 3 assessment results (5 pts)

3.      Description of how you walked your client through the Occupational Outlook Handbook and/or ONET. Describe any homework you asked the client to do on the OOH or ONET beyond your time together (5 points)

4.      a description of the participant’s growth in self-awareness and learning through the process of meeting with you.  (5 points)

5.      A summary of suggested next steps and goal setting with the participant (5pts)

6.      What you learned through the process of counseling your client with these counseling resources.   (5 points)

3 assessments:holland code descriptors, and MBTI,  value card game.

-ASSESSMENTS ARE ATTACHED-EXCEPT FOR VALUE CARD GAME(just make up info regarding these results!!.

-example powerpoint is attached also! to include any other extra information!!

-individual performing these assesments is a recently military retired, used to work in logistics in the military! currently looking for a new career in the civilian world.

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