​case study 5 pages​

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case study

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5 pages

1. no fewer than five articles from peer-reviewed sources
2. These sources should primarily be used in the warranted actions section of your
case analysis.
3. One of your five sources in each of the case analyses may be an article/chapter
from the texts used in this course.
4. Please follow the template strictly
5. Listing this source in the references page in your case analysis follows this
convention for the ASHE Reader.
Elliot, D. & Gert, B. (2001). The moral context of fund raising. In Yeager, J.L.,
Nelson, G.M., Potter, E.A., Weidman, J.C., & Zullo, T.G. (Eds.), ASHE Reader
on Finance in Higher Education. (pp. 642-648). Boston: Pearson Custom

Template is this one
Pls follow strictly:

This is the case brief:

please follow my all instruction.

Thank you.


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