Case Study Learning and Memory

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PS360-1: Identify the principles underlying effective behavior change.

PS360-2: Explain the theories underlying behaviorism and behavior change.

GEL-6.2: Apply a professionally recognized method of formatting and documentation.

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For this unit’s Assignment, you will use the concepts in this course to analyze three case studies. You should rely on the textbook readings. Be sure to include other outside research that is from peer-reviewed behavior analytic journals. The case studies are located in the Doc Sharing area.

After reviewing each case study, write out the answers to the following questions for each case:

Case 1: The Case of Bobby

  1. Select and identify a target behavior for increase in this case and provide an operational definition.
  2. Identify and discuss the reinforcement system at work that is supporting the undesired target behavior. Define operant conditioning and discuss how this method works to increase desired behavior.
  3. Select and outline a reinforcement-based intervention for this case and include your rationale for selection. Be sure to include a definition of positive reinforcement and operant conditioning in your discussion.

Case 2: The Case of Jackie

  1. Identify the target behavior and provide an operational definition.
  2. Both classical and operant conditioning account for Jackie developing this phobia. Pick one and use it to explain why Jackie has remained fearful of dogs.
  3. What evidence-based behavior modification program can be designed for Jackie so that she does not experience fear when seeing dogs? What is your rationale for selection?

Case 3: The Case of Emma

  1. Identify the target behavior and provide an operational definition.
  2. Discuss the principles of operant conditioning that may be maintaining Emma’s current challenging behavior.
  3. Describe how you could apply operant conditioning theory to create an evidence-based behavior modification to address Emma’s behavior. Outline all components of the procedure selected and be sure to provide the rationale for its selection based on the information provided in #2.

Your Assignment should be 3–5 pages (not including your title page or references) in 12-point, Times New Roman font. Include citations to avoid plagiarism.

Case Study Learning and Memory
Unit 4 Assignment Case Study Transcripts Case 1: The Case of Bobby This is Bobby. He is 8 years old. Despite the fact that he is reminded frequently to clean up, his room is always in a state of disarray. His father would like to increase the frequency of Bobby cleaning his room. You are a behavior analyst and you put together a behavior modification program for Mr. Kelly to use that will address the problem and incorporates operant conditioning. Case 2: The Case of Jackie Meet Jackie. She has a phobia of dogs that she has had since she was 3 years old. When Jackie was 3, she was playing in her yard and a neighbor’s dog came up to her and bit her hand. Jackie had to go to the doctor and get stiches. Even though she is now 23 years old, she still remembers every detail and has an intense phobic reaction around dogs. Her heart beats really fast and she feels sick to her stomach. She would just continue to avoid dogs but she will soon be getting married to a dog trainer so she needs to overcome her phobia of dogs. Jackie is coming to you, a behavior analyst, for help so she can marry her fiancé and live happily ever after. Case 3: The Case of Emma This is 4-year-old Emma. She loves to play with her toys, but she refuses to clean them up when she is asked. Her parents have tried hard to teach her to clean her room. They have offered her rewards. They also have put her in time out when she would not listen but nothing has worked. Instead of cleaning, Emma gets mad and throws a big tantrum. She cries and screams. She sometimes even throws her toys and makes a bigger mess. She does this until her parents decide to pick her up and to clean up for her. You are a behavior analyst who will help Emma’s parents get a handle on this behavior while she is still a little girl.

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