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Case Study: Male, aged 44 yrs, occasional smoker (6 cig’s per week), Ht=70″, Wt=180lbs, RHR=78bpm, Resting BP=136/88 mmHg, HDL=40 mg/dL, FBG=105 mg/dL, Type 2 diabetic since aged 28 yrs.  Walks dog daily about 15 minutes duration with no symptoms.  Father died of AMI @ 75 yrs; mother of cancer @ 81 yrs.  On Rx to control atrial fibrillation, not symptom limiting.  Wants to begin a moderate to vigorous exercise program to help control diabetes and FBG. 

Compose an essay (2-3 pages) that discusses a preparticipation screening/evauation according to ACSM standards.  In your answer, discuss:

1) CVD Risk factors (those present, not, why)

2) risk classification and recommendations for medical exam and exercise testing (include reasoning)

3) Risk to benefit analysis of exercise testing (include general discussion of risks associated with exercise)

This would have to be done in APA format. It is a bit of a tough paper so let me know if you guys are able to complete it.

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