CHAPTER 14: Personality

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The paper topic I choose is HYPOCHONDRIA(P621) and the article should be about Hypochondria.

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Extremely important to follow directions and example.

The article should be a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article LESS then 10 years old.

Assignments for chapter 14 must be written in APA-style and each must incorporate a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article. Present this source as evidence to support your real-life application. Remember to focus on application (how does this apply to real life?), not on defining the theory or concept (what is it?) or sharing your opinion. You will demonstrate that you understand the concept by applying it. Write in third person and do not use an article that is more than 10 years old. Word count requirement: 125-200 words. A couple of real examples:

Whether simply holding a door open for a fellow student or letting a classmate borrow notes, altruism (p. 670) can be observed on college campuses, including LAVC. On any given day in the behavioral sciences building, for instance, one may see a variety of helping behaviors (e.g. reminding a late student to sign the sign-in sheet or pointing out an item left behind in the haste to leave class) among its student occupants. This may be linked to the fact that it houses many science students. Indeed, in her recent study of 300 college students, Sharma (2017) found that science and art students demonstrated more altruism than commerce students. Moreover, Siddiqi, Mishra, and Shafiq (2015), in their study of 100 college students, found that behavioral science students scored higher on altruism than engineering students. While the limitations of small sample sizes must be taken into consideration, these studies, if nothing else, provide hope to the next LAVC psychology student in need of help.

Sternberg’s triangular theory of love defines romantic love (p. 675) as a being a combination of both intimacy and passion, but without the third component of his theory, commitment (Breedlove, 2015). This could suggest that this type of love is somehow incomplete, substandard, or unhealthy. Given that everyone deserves healthy and beneficial relationships, this is an understandable concern. Research, however, suggests a link between romantic love and an important health consideration – stress reduction. In fact, Weisman, Schneiderman, Zagoory-Sharon, and Feldman (2015) suggest that, “the initiation of a romantic bond attenuates the stress response” (p. 41). Specifically, they found that early romantic love reduced cortisol production in their young adult subjects. This information has myriad implications. Perhaps “dating around” isn’t unhealthy – it’s actually a stress reducer! Maybe this can take some of the pressure off students whose parents are nagging them to find “the one.” Could dating be a constructive way to deal with stress?

Submit these assignments as .pdf files through Canvas and include, in APA style:

  • A title page – you may choose your own title
  • A running head
  • Page numbers
  • In-text citations
  • A reference page

Check the look of your paper against the APA-style sample paper on Purdue OWL (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Do not include an author’s note, abstract, or other sections and components not listed above. These are not full APA-style research papers. Think of them as mini-papers. Do double space, use 1 inch margins, and write in 12 point Times New Roman font. The title and reference pages do not count towards the required word count.

You must submit the .pdf file of the article you used. So, you will submit two files: the paper and the article.

You must cite your textbook appropriately, in APA-style, if you refer to it and/or use information from it (see the last example above). And yes, you must include it in your references if you do (hint: look at the syllabus for formatting). Review the Canvas pages I have posted on peer review and APA style before and during completion of these assignments. They list common mistakes that you can easily avoid for a higher-quality assignment and, therefore, a better grade!

Absolutely do not plagiarize. Write in your own words! Remember that copying and pasting text and then replacing a few words is indeed plagiarism, and Canvas shows me when you’ve copied and pasted. When in doubt, use a direct quote! Review the section on academic honesty in the syllabus for the consequences of plagiarism. A severe lack of citations forfeits the below rubric which will be replaced by consequences listed in the policy. Plagiarism is a BIG DEAL so don’t do it!

These assignments will be graded with the following rubric (20 points). Answers that utilize topics from the wrong chapters or topics that are too general, as well as those that do not include a peer-reviewed journal article, forfeit the rubric and will not receive a passing grade.

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