Characters Essay

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Requirements and directions attached in PDF below! *PLEASE FOLLOW ALL REQUIREMENTS*

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Choose one static character or villain from one story, poem, play, or the movie from our class website linked below under “#5 Character” tab.…

Show how what they say, believe, or do shows how they go against what is acceptable at that time in society.

(Remember to keep in mind history, gender roles, class, and occupation.)

(Character traits; How he or she changed throughout the story or movie)

Work Cited for movie is on the website.

*Page length: 4 (2.5 text, 1 works cited)

Source requirement: 1 lit choice or movie

In text quote requirement: Max. 1 Follow ICE

Length of each quotation: 1-3 lines within your paragraphs

No use of: 1st person pronouns, Wikipedia, quotes in conclusion, more than one quote per paragraph*

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