Checkpoint #1

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Rhetorical Criticism Checkpoints

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In order to help you prepare your final paper and presentation, throughout the term you will complete and turn-in assignments that can be integrated into your final paper. These assignments are intended to teach you best practices for writing and keep you on track in writing your final paper throughout the semester, and will ultimately provide the basis for sections of your final paper. Each segment will be graded based on completion.

Checkpoint #1Analysis of a Text (3 pages): Choose ONE of the methods from the Foss book and go through the Analysis steps Foss outlines. Write out what you do for each step. For example, if you use ideological criticism, you will actually write out the presented elements, suggested elements, ideological statement, and research questions for this artifact.


i checked the book and chose the cluster chapter. it is an easy chapter to work with and for the artifact, i chose one of Obama’s speech.

Find the URL for it here:

Please read the chapter and do apply that to the speech of Obama. Let me know if you have any question. Please note that has to be as note format not essay.

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