Choose three large topics on interviewing someone on civil rights, cultural change, or feminism.

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In general, the paper should be organized to best suit the needs of your subject matter. You should have an introduction that clearly states what your paper will be over, and then structure it accordingly.

In other words, choose two to three large topics (Civil Rights, 1950s culture, cultural change in the 1960s and 1970s, feminism, stagflation, Vietnam, Reagan, etc.) and ask your interviewee what their experience was like. For example: Do they remember the Civil Rights Movement? What did they think about Vietnam? If you need help coming up with questions, let me know.

In the paper, analyze what your interviewee said. Did anything he/she said contradict something we talked about in class (they loved Nixon or something similar)? How can you explain that?

You MUST place the responses of your interviewee within the context of the time. (“Mr. Smith’s experience as a teenager in the 1950s was typical. Historians have shown how the idea of a “teenager” as a seperate period of life came about in the 1950s…”)

The paper must be 1500 words, and if you use sources other than your textbook (which might become necessary), you must cite them using the Chicago Manual of Style (see the link to the Purdue Owl).

need to be over 50.

due on November 16th.

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