Christians and Animal Rights

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Position Paper

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Students will prepare a 6 page position paper:

  • It will cover one of the following topics:
    • A Christian Response to Global Warming
    • ***********************Christians & Animal Rights***************************
    • Christians & Artificial Intelligence
    • Christianity & Pacifism vs Christians in the Military
    • Christians & Gun Control
    • A Christian Response to Gender Identity Issues
  • It must be biblically based.
  • It must deal with the various views and related biblical interpretations that have been proposed to the topic at hand.
  • It must present logical as well as Scriptural arguments for the position that is taken.
  • It will have an introduction, body, practical application to today’s church and conclusion.
  • Proper citation is paramount. The required citation format is Turabian.
  • 3 or more sources- Books only

Books for references included but not limited to these only

  • Moral Choices: An Introduction to Ethics Book by Scott B. Rae
  • Evangelical Ethics: Issues Facing the Church Today 3rd Edition by John Jefferson Davis
  • Evangelical Ethics: Issues Facing the Church Today 4th Edition by John Jefferson Davis
  • The Christian Moral Vision by Earl H. Brill
  • Christian Ethics: Options and Issues by Norman L. Geisler

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