COM Win the Connection proje

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Review all the examples of the NuComm “Win the Connection” project in the DiZazzo text: PNA, content outline, treatment, and script. What observations do you have about how the project progressed? What comments do you have about the changes made along the way? Are you unclear about any part of the process so far?

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After reading the “Win the Connection” PNA, content outline, treatment, and script, I noticed how the project progressed. The PNA was first created. Here, we first learn about “Win the Connection,” but it is not yet known what the story is going to look like. The research information is collected in order to see the best approach for the project. This includes the research identifying the problem (employees are not aware of the Win the Connection program nor the prizes that could be won), the background (NuComm had an unsuccessful referral program in the past and how the company does not want to make the same mistake again), as well as the relationship to company goals (how Win the Connection benefits the company and fits the definition of what they stand for). The PNA also provides information on the audience, the NuComm employees, such as the demographics that make up the majority of employees, as well as what they are interested in (need) and what they already know (experience). The audiences’ attitudes are also examined in order to best target them with an effective program. The information on how the program will be used/distributed for employees to watch is also listed. Overall, this PNA is made to see if the program should be produced, or if a different method (meeting, email, or brochure) can better get the message across instead.

I then read the content outline and saw that the information gathered from the PNA was presented in an organized and structured manner. Although details about the storyline are not yet created, we now have a structure of the main ideas that will be presented in the video. For example, the content outline first introduces what “Win the Connection” is and the prizes it offers. The main points then delve into the different ways to win, who can win, the point value system, and what prizes can be won. Each of these main points have in-depth details. Then the summary is listed and mentions all that was previously covered. Although it provided more detail than needed for the final project, it allows us to see what needs to be covered in order to best reach the audience and get the message across.

I then read the treatment and noticed a scene-by-scene narrative description of the program. We now have an idea of what the story will look like from beginning to end, as well as the characters featured (the officers, Allen Casey, John Crain and Rita Wallace). The introduction, body of main points, and closing from the content outline are incorporated into the creation of the storyline through a humorous approach that will win over the audience effectively. The author uses the officers’ dialogue to explain what Win the Connection is and how the prizes are won.

I then read the script. Instead of being written in a story format like the treatment, the information has been incorporated into scene headings, scene descriptions, and dialogue. The format is screenplay. There are NOTES that give directions to the director, such as “INTERCUT between the sergeant in his office and Crain and Wallace, as appropriate.” The treatment didn’t have these directives. There is also a MUSIC direction, as well as a FADE OUT, at the end that the treatment didn’t include. There was also a change in the script, in which Casey’s identity was revealed at the end, whereas, the treatment showed him in the beginning. The script just uses the officers to talk about him in the beginning, as they are the only characters we see for the first half of the story. This decision was made to surprise fans. 

I enjoyed seeing the progression of the “Win the Connection” project because it allowed me to see how it is important to start with as much information as possible and then narrow it down throughout the process. This is better than starting out with limited information and then realizing later on that you do not have the right idea on how to effectively portray the story because you did not learn enough about your audience, topic, background, and problem. Every part of the process was clear to me, as the commentary DiZazzo portrayed underneath explained why certain changes needed to be made in order to clearly sell the message.

PNA and Content Outline

Student’s Name

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PNA and Content Outline

One of the main importance for reviewing content outline and PNA during the creation of a treatment is to give the video its context. The context of a video is crucial because it describes what the video is all about. The content outline provides the basic ideas of the treatment and the actual script. The PNA describes the target audience for the video and the exact problem depicted in the video. It is impossible to develop the treatment without the PNA and content outline because the scenes in the video would not achieve its purpose in responding to the prescribed problem.

It is also crucial to review content outline and PNA when developing a treatment because they act as backbone for the final project. These two components form vital component of any project because they form the building block of the main project. PNA simplifies the problem that needs a solution and describes how the solution benefit the audience. On the other hand, the content outline gives detailed explanation of the whole project. It answers questions like who does the project concern? What is the project all about? Where is it directed towards? How will it benefit the target audience? What are it’s benefits or drawbacks. Also, the treatment simplifies the video scenes by describing it in a narrative form before the final script is developed. The narrative form makes it easier to understand the scenes in the video.

One can combine these documents in creating a treatment by making use of every information available to solve the underlying issue. Detailed information is key to success of any project. Therefore it is important to utilize all the available resources to create a treatment. Both the content outline and PNA affect the approach that one takes to the final project because these two documents are the foundation on which the whole project is laid upon.



I found a really helpful website that will shows how to describes and transform an idea about a movie that is still in your mind into a sheet of paper through writing. Even though script writing involves the basics of a normal writing, the script writer is supposed to capture the actions, movements, dialogues, and expressions of the characters involved in the screenplay. As a scripter writer, it is important to consider a number of factors including externalizing the internal motivations of the characters, visual narration of the story and using appropriate screenplay format.

My major concern when scripting is the use of suitable screenplay format. It is not always easy to think virtually and therefore a proper screen play facilitates smooth flow of this process. Pacing the scenes in the screen can also be challenging and therefore a suitable screenplay format is vital in facilitating this process. Screenplay formatting helps the script writers to determine the exact geography for the play. For instance, it is easier to locate how the characters would be positioned. Also, the screen headings allow the leader to trace the location of the action. The action lines inform the reader what the characters of the movie are doing. I am always concerned about coming up with the most suitable screenplay format because formatting allows the reader to know where the characters are and where the script writer is taking the audience.

Scripting has several terms that I am not familiar with all of them. I am still unsure about asynchronous sound and how it works. It is a sound that is not synchronized with the video. It is quite complicated for me to understand how the sound is instrumental in the transition. Additionally, I am still unsure about crosscuts and how they are used for continuity or tension. But in DiZazzo reading he presents some scripting case that were missing such as the specific shots and some of the technical wording around transitions, music, so on.  

I would consider using cutway shot since it one of the most effective shots. It diverts from the primary action to support new information and returns back to the main shot to emphasize the information. I would also use the J cut and L cut editing transition type since it ensures the ensuing shot is placed directly before or after the corresponding audio clip. I would consider sound elements such as sound effects, background, dialogue, and music to facilitate effective screenplay.

Program Needs Analysis

Date: 1st July 2022 to 1st July 2023

Working Title: Kick out Obesity

Subject: Guidelines On How Blacks Can Deal with Obesity

Client: Black Population in America

The problem to solve:

According to the data by CDC, over 25.6% of African Americans are obese. The children are also likely to become obese meaning in the next five years, the rate of obesity amongst black American kids will be at 40% (APA, 2022). This data puts a community at more risk hence the need for a community health awareness program to help families understand obesity, preventive and safety measures. This program will tackle obesity challenge in the black communities through a television health awareness program that will be divided into 20 minutes’ sessions twice a week. It aims to increase the awareness amongst other minority communities and white families who may be interested in dealing with obesity challenge.

Problem Background:

Obesity is caused by various factors however the most recognized factor is the issue of diets. Consumption of too much junk foods can easily increase the levels of fats in the body leading to obesity. Other causes include healthcare challenges such as having certain diseases that may trigger obesity or weight increase (Abraham et al., 2018). The other challenge is lifestyle issues. Certain lifestyle such as consumption of too much alcohol can easily put one at more risk of getting obesity. Finally, there is the challenge of inherited genetics. Obesity can be inherited amongst family members leading to the issue becoming a generational problem.

The black community in America are more vulnerable to obesity due to various issues. A majority leave in poor conditions with many struggling to meet daily basic needs hence the reliance on junk foods which tend to be cheaper. The rate of alcohol and drug consumption amongst blacks is also high. Due to poverty, many cannot access better healthcare or disease preventive remedies hence they live with conditions that may trigger obesity (Abraham et al., 2018). The lack of knowledge and awareness about various diseases and conditions is also low hence the need to educate the community about obesity and preventive measures.

The target audience:

The program will target blacks living in America however other people interested in learning about obesity can also be part of the program. The program will air in states that has a high number pf black population living with obesity (Broady & Meeks, 2019). The target locations will include New York, Chicago, California, Florida, Georgia and other black populated cities.

The program will have both adult and children contents. Since it airs twice a week, one segment will be dedicated to adults while the other will be dedicated to teaching the school children. The programs will use various contents for both parties to observe issues such as age and the nature of content aired for the audience.


· The program aims to educate over three quarter of the black population about diabetes.

· The program will partner with other agencies to promote sustainable eating habits in community.

· The program aims to improve wellness and fitness and increase the number of people engaging in active fitness activities.

· The program aims to help the community deal and quit some unhealthy habits such as smoking and alcoholism.

Evaluation and distribution:

The program will be distributed through various media mostly through the electronic platform. There will be television shows airing in different channels to educate the people. The program also plans to combine its contents into short film episodes and distribute through streaming sites such as Hulu, Netflix, Apple Tv and many more.

The program shall focus on the viewership and streaming numbers on streaming sites. An increase in the numbers indicate a rise in the program uptake hence a success. The long term success shall be based on the relevant obesity statistics such as obesity rates, sustainable diets and reduction in alcohol and smoking.


Abraham, P. A., Kazman, J. B., Zeno, S. A., & Deuster, P. A. (2018). Obesity and African Americans: physiologic and behavioral pathways. International Scholarly Research Notices2013.

APA. (2022). Ethnicity and Health in America Series: Obesity in the African-American Community. American Psychological Association.

Broady, K. E., & Meeks, A. G. (2019). Obesity and social inequality in America. The Review of Black Political Economy42(3), 201-209.

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