commenting on two classmates discussion about anthropologist

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My sub field is cultural anthropologist

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Peer Response Guidance: Continue the conversation by responding to the initial posts of at least two peers who were assigned to different subfields. Just as the initials posts were written like emails to the director justifying the anthropologists’ positions, the peer responses should be written as if you are the director responding to the email appeals to keep the anthropologist positions.

What else would you, as the director of this imaginary multinational organization, want to know about this type of anthropologist? Did your peers’ initial posts include enough details to articulate the value of the anthropologists and save the positions?

1) classmate one

Good Evening Director,

I understand many cuts will be made to our team of anthropologists, and I know this will be a very hard task to decide who will be needed to complete the task at hand. So I wanted to give you an insight on what I bring to the table, in hopes that you will give my position some serious thoughts. Physical Anthropologist are one of the crucial branches of anthropology. As part of our human resource department I feel that knowing the origin, evolution and diversity of people will help with many of the studies we do to combat the health crisis we are facing. As being a physical anthropologist I have spent many years working with human and nonhuman evolution, human variation in races, and of course the base of human behavior. In order to help with and explain the diversity within I feel that for us to be successful we need to have at least one physical anthologist on our team.


Tammy Bonnice

2) classmate 2

Dear Director,

Anthropology is a very important field of study. It is defined as the study of humans from the past and present. In anthropology there are subfields that go into further depth on the subject such as, cultural anthropology, archaeology, biological or physical anthropology, and linguistic anthropology (MindEdge, 2016).

In my field of physical anthropology, my main focus is human evolution. I study the skeletal remains of our human ancestors to get an insight on how we lived. I can also study the remains of animals to see what kind of evolutionary changes they have gone through to survive their environments (MindEdge, 2016).

Physical anthropologist can add value to this organization by, studying the remains of our ancestors and giving us answers about our genetics. Another benefit of studying our ancestral remains gives us an idea of how the climates change and how animals have gone extinct. Also, physical anthropologists can be used in helping with solving criminal cases and identify how people were killed (MindEdge, 2016).

Cultural relativism is very important for this company because it will help the employees in keeping an open mind. It’s very important to not put your own culture in front of others because not everyone has the same beliefs (MindEdge, 2016).

by Allison Evans

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