communication assignment – 700 words

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1. Evaluate a company response to comments online.

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Imagine that you are a manager at the department store JCPenney. A new employee, Marni, is responding to customer comments online and wants your advice on her draft. She says that she wants to keep responses short and doesn’t see the point of adding anything. In an email to Marni, provide your feedback on her draft—and rewrite the response. Consider how you can personalize the response and perhaps engage the customer to tell you more about his or her experience.

Original post: “Ordering online with JCPenney is a breeze! What a great website— easy to find anything and easy to navigate. I love JCPenney!”

Draft company response: “Thank you. This is nice to read.”

2. Anticipate a customer’s needs.

Imagine that you manage the Twitter account for Nike. At least twice a day, you search for mentions of the company and questions about products and services.

Today, you found this tweet from Chris Bushkin: “does anyone know where i can get Nike Total 90 Supremacy’s from .. Size 11 FB ..”

This is a great opportunity to reach out to a potential customer proactively. You may invent information to include about the product. Just be sure to stay within Twitter’s 140-character limit. If you want to refer to a web address, you may include a shortened link (using the web address “”).

3. Evaluate and respond to an unsatisfied customer on social media

On Twitter, Whole Foods customer Barb Kendall posted this tweet: “Whole Foods’ salad bar made me sick! Was ill all afternoon at work. Want $9.59 back.”

As a representative for Whole Foods, you find this tweet. How would you handle this? Would you reply to the tweet, get an email address and reply that way, etc. Include a draft of your response and rationale for why you chose that direction.

4. Write an email to suggest an idea.

Write an email to a current or previous employer. Think of an idea that would improve the business: a new procedure, an upgraded system, an innovative product, or some other way to increase sales, improve service, or increase operational efficiencies. Choose something simple enough to convey in a short message. Put your main point up front, and be sure to use a clear, specific subject line to capture attention.

5. We’ve all seen communication mistakes in the news, from someone being fired or losing a lawsuit because of what they posted on social media to confusing corporate messages to damaging political statements and everything in between. Examining these mistakes and coming up with recommendations is a great way to synthesize and apply the concepts from our course.

For this discussion, you will choose a story from the (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. site about a miscommunication. You can think of this as preparatory work for the Team Consulting Report and Presentation. After you choose a story, read the story and accompanying links. Then, make your initial post of 250 words providing a link to the story and answer the following questions:

  • What communication mistakes were made and who do/did they affect?
  • Why/how were these mistakes possibly made?
  • What (or whose) perspectives are involved? (Think of who wrote the communication, the intended audience, etc. What reactions are involved?)

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