Competitive Question about healthcare marketing

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TOPIC: Should health services be competitive?

One of your journal readings this week is a debate on the merits of competition for patients for health services. Do you agree or disagree with the notion that health services should surrender to the economic forces of the market system, or should health services be exempt from the pressures of competition, e.g. more local, state or federal regulation?

Remember: You need to bring in a reference and facts.  No opinions until we get some facts (Avoid “I think” and “I feel” in your statements)

Remember this is academic thinking!

Remember to think like a Hospital Administrator.  Your existence depends on having patients, paying salaries, giving raises, meeting standards etc!

Always ask yourself at the end of the information you provide: What does all this mean to a Healthcare Administrator!

Also: Some bonus points (not many) My favorite saying for my leadership program i do in the navy is “In Dubium – Cogitare” .  Yes it is latin.

So what does it mean, and why would I think this is important!!

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