Complete Short Law Reflection

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Reflection Paper

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Through readings, discussions, and essays, we have studied various aspects of the Judicial Process.

In this last week we have the Final Exam. Before taking that exam, reflect back on what you have learned and how it relates to your own objectives for taking this course as well as the objectives of the course itself. In 750 or more words, use this informal paper as a way to solidify your thinking as well as ask any lingering questions.

Consider the following questions to help guide your reflection:

What, if anything, did you find surprising, particularly challenging, interesting, or useful during the course?

From what you have learned, what connections can you make to your previous learning experiences, and how do you think this course will help you as you move forward in your college and/or professional life?

How do the course outcomes apply to your experience in the course?

What questions do you still need answered?

Any other final thoughts or feedback on the cours

Course info:

State and federal court how they are different supreme Court and how they make decisions, civil court , juries, criminal process these what I thought of off the head I can give u more in a minute when I get home

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