complete work on the research paper (7 pages)

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in 7 pages Write about the following topics (make sure your writing has a story line)

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1- International students in US institutions of higher education

  • background about international students ……..
  • General information about them ………
  • There are a lot of benefits that international students could bring to the U.S …( talk about it)
  • Diversity …….. (write about it)
  • Financial benefits ……..(write about it)
  • International Students’ Experiences and Challenges in the U.S…….
  • 1- English Language Proficiency…
  • 2- Discrimination…..

2- Saudi students in US institutions of higher education

  • History of the number of Saudi Students in the U.S…….(write about it)
  • Saudi Student Experiences in U.S. Institutions of Higher Education …….(write about it)

3- Saudi student’s persistence or retention

  • Background of Saudi Students
    • Education in Saudi Arabia
    • The reasons that let Saudi students come to the U.S
    • Write about some studies that discussed Saudi students’ persistence and mention some reasons (… economy reasons, personality responses or psychological reasons …. However, no much studies discuss academic and social reasons…. So current study will focus on….

4- Academic and social integration

  • If you find anything about Saudi experience (Friendship network, Homesickness, Attending campus activities and events, relationships between students and advisors,GPA ….etc)

i will send some studies that you may use it to write this part.

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