Compose an argumentative essay evaluating president

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Task and Purpose: Compose an argumentative essay that negativelyevaluatesthree decisionsand/or dimensions of an American President’s tenure.

Audience: Assume your reader is generally knowledgeable on American Presidents. Assume your audience is undecidedor even opposed to your thesis.

Format: You must have a minimum of 3sources. Oneof those sources must be from an Academic Database (JSTOR, Ebscohost, etc.). Do not use Wikipedia as a source. Use MLA formatting guidelines.

Length: 1.75 pages not including Works Cited page.

Overview: Select aformer President. Identify three specific decisions and/or dimensions of their Presidency to use for your topic statement ideas.

Compose anIntroduction thatbegins witha grabber followed bytwo to four sentences of contextual information and a thesis statement that clearly identifies your position and your three topic statement ideas.

Compose three body paragraphs that begin with a topic statement that identifies a specific decision or dimension that you disagree with. Your three topic statementsmust be supported with evidence. Follow up on all evidence with explanation that connects your evidence to your topic statement. Include a transition statement at the end of Body Paragraphs 1 and 2.

Include at least one counter-argument followed by a rebuttal in your body section. Include at least two quotes in your essay no longer than 3 lines. Do not include more than three quotes.

Compose a brief conclusion that restates your thesis and topic statements.


  • Foreign Policy
  • Military Strategy
  • Economic Policy
  • Social Policy
  • Public Relations, Public Perception
  • Scandals
  • Political Achievement

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