Course Inclusion and Justification

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Take your list of courses from Unit 3, Part 2. This should be in list or chart format. You are going to take this list and add justifications to each course. Keep your chart, but put the justifications for each after the inclusion of the chart. You are also going to make sure the courses are grouped appropriately.

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The final draft of your curriculum proposal should provide the course number and titles of all courses as well as an intellectual justification for the inclusion of each course. You should explain how the courses in your curriculum directly contribute to the overall program outcomes developed in unit 3. You should have a few sentences of justification for each course. Make sure to include references from your texts and other resources.

By now you should have a strong group of Prerequisites, Core Courses, Major courses, and electives.

Prerequisites: Introductory courses (typically 100- and 200-level) that provide the basic knowledge, methods, or skills needed to complete the upper-level courses in your curriculum.

Core Courses: Courses required to complete the Individual Major Program.

Major Courses: Upper-level courses on the key methods used in your proposed field of study.

Thematic or Disciplinary Groupings of Electives: This is where you provide some flexibility in your proposal. Group your elective courses together according to discipline, content area, or skills sets. For example, a general math major may need to take a certain number of

Innovative Curricula: This is where you will incorporate your innovative curriculum from unit 4 into your overall credit count. How will you count the service learning/experiential learning or other innovative curricula you have proposed?

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