court case

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Actually, I need you to do two assignment. First Court Brief One Assignment and the second is a presentation about the same topic.

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I want you to read the court case then fill the (Court Case Template). After that, I need you to make PowerPoint presentation about the same court case. I attached three files:

The first is an assignment description (this include description of the Court Case Template and example for how to fill the template. Also the file include the power point presentation)

The second file is the text of the court case (you need to read it).

The third is a Court Case Template (you will answer it) then write (two pages answer)

The fourth is sample court case presentation. (The presentation has to be from 10 min to 12 min in APA style).

Make sure each slide has short sentences.

I need written information to read for each slide, not displayed. Specifically, I will present the powerpoint online (I will record the slides and my voice so I will not record my face. I am telling you this because I need you to write information that I can use them for reading.

The power point has to contain short sentences and you should send me paper contain information for each slid to read them.

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