Cover Letter – one page

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write a one-page cover letter. The cover letter should follow the format presented in the PP and attached here. Base the letter on the job opening you have found. Keep these points in mind:

  • Follow standard business letter format
  • Consider using as your letterhead the top of your resume
  • Single space each line, but double space between paragraphs (don’t double space the name
    and address lines)
  • Try to address the letter to an actual person; don’t write “To Whom It May Concern.” If you can’t find a name, you could write, “Dear Hiring Manager.”
  • Have three clear, succinct paragraphs—not too long. They should include:
    1. Company compliment and job title
    2. Skills you have to offer (don’t just repeat resume)
    3. Request for an interview—and that you will be calling
  • For the closing, have four lines between the “Sincerely” and your name.
  • Sign the letter neatly and professionally


  • Statics & Strength Of Materials
  • Thermodynamics and Energetics
  • Value Design
  • Engineering Graphic


Mathlab, AutoCAD,Microsoft Office: Words, Excel, Spreadsheet and Power Point , Arabic, English

General Office Software: Quicken 2008, ACT, Access and some basic web design knowledge

Tools: AutoCAD; Microsoft Office, 3D Printer, Final Cut Pro, PhotoShop.

Honors & Activities

  • Dean’s List fall 2017
  • Volunteer in Club
  • Certificate OSHA 10

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