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Your Deliverable: a report that provides guidelines on the kind of material handling and packaging methods that Hooker should be using and an analysis of possible issues and challenges. ABC will use this information if/when it has the opportunity to investigate Hooker directly. The report should include:

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  • Consideration of the incoming raw materials used in the production of upholstered furniture: wood, leather, fabric, foam and other filling material, high carbon spring steel, bar and wire stock and other raw materials
  • Consideration of the finished products, packaging and packing for shipping and delivery
  • Identify and discuss the following:
    • specific product characteristics of the raw materials – receiving and unpacking raw materials
    • finished goods
      • packaging materials
      • what functional trade-offs should be considered and what labeling requirements and hazardous materials should be considered
      • Identify possible packaging inefficiencies; and how the building block concept and unit load concept might be utilized
    • what environmental challenges with packaging are there to consider for protection of the environment? What is Hooker’s environmental policy/goals in terms of its packaging efforts?
    • Identify the top three of the ten Materials Handling Principles that would provide Hooker with the most efficient material handling system; explain your rationale, why are these the top three?

You will need to be familiar with Hooker’s different lines of upholstered furniture as well as the various raw materials that are utilized. Download this assignment document that includes additional information:

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