Crime prevention (2 assignments)

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1st assignment:

Complete the Unit 3 Assignment: Informational Interview: Conducting and Summarizing your Interview

Take notes of the answers as you conduct your interview.

Write a 500- to 750-word summary of the interview to include the following:

  • Who you spoke with and why you chose that particular program and individual.
  • What questions you asked during the interview and the responses you received pertaining to the specific program.
  • What you learned from the interview.

The person you are supposedly (we don’t really need to interview him just write it up like we did) interviewing is: I have chosen to interview Sgt. Jim DeFago of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office. Sgt. DeFago is the program coordinator for the Palm Beach County Crime Stoppers, his contact info can be found on the website.

The questions will be some variation of these

•What is your involvement in the program?

•How long have your worked for PBSO?

•Why bring Crime Stoppers to Palm Beach County?

•What are you hoping to achieve in your community?

•What are the program goals?

•Can you tell me about some of the different areas  of your program?

•Who are the individuals they serve?

•How is the program funded?

•Why do you think paying  a reward, if the tips helps to stop or solve a crime, is important?

•Can you tell about some of the results that your program has achieved 

2nd assignment:

Complete the Unit 5 Assignment: Informational Interview: Written Reflection

So far in this course, you have located an interviewee and prepared questions for the interview. You then conducted the interview and explained what you learned from it. This week, you will take what you learned from your interview and apply it to what you have learned in this course thus far. As you do this, please define terms and phrases and explain differences as they apply.

Respond to the following questions in a 750- to 1,050-word paper. You are encouraged to use these questions as subheadings.

  1. If your interviewee/program is law enforcement–related, do you believe that what they do is more community policing or problem-solving policing? Why?
  2. If you were going to categorize what they do, would you say it is more crime control or crime prevention? Why?
  3. Is what they do more of restorative justice, diversion, counseling, incapacitation, or some other form of crime prevention/control?
  4. Does this person/program focus more on crime control or due process? Why?
  5. Do you see your interviewee/program as being part of the official (traditional) criminal justice system, or are they outside of it (private company)?
  6. Does your interviewee/program seem more in tune with the conservative belief that crime is based on a rational decision-making process and that diversion is best achieved by strong deterrents? Or does your interviewee/program take more of a liberal approach, where social, physical, and psychological issues factor in and treatment and counseling are viewed as being more effective? Explain.
  7. Which of the goals of crime control (deterrence, retribution, incapacitation, rehabilitation) do you think best describes what your interviewee does? Explain.
  8. What are your personal views of what your interviewee does? Do you believe this impacts crime control/crime prevention?
  9. What suggestions would you make to improve the interviewee’s efforts?

While much of this information is located in your textbook, you are also required to use at least three outside sources.

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